Retrospect: the eraser

Self-tutoring about people and events from the past: the tutor tells a humorous story.

I’ve always loved pencils and erasers. Once, in grade 6, I found an eraser off school grounds, on the side of the road. It was a good quality one, so I kept it.

The eraser had someone’s name written on it in ink – presumably it was theirs. However, I didn’t know them – they’d never been in my class. I was aware of them, but didn’t see them most days, nor had ever talked to them.

One time someone borrowed the eraser (which I’d long since decided was “mine”). Giving it back, they noticed the name on it.

“That’s —– —–‘s eraser,” they observed.

“Maybe it was…I found it on the side of the road,” I rejoined.


I suspect he was friends with —– ——. However, since I wasn’t, returning the eraser would have been awkward.

In an odd twist, about a week later, —– —– walked up to me during lunch as I was catching up on some work. They picked up my (their) eraser from the desk and looked at it. I looked up.

“So you do have my eraser,” they smiled. Then, they put their (my) eraser back down on the desk and left the room. To my knowledge, it was the first and last time they talked to me. They were much more popular than I was.

I used that eraser for a year and a half, although I had numerous others. I can’t recall exactly why it was my favourite, but I’ve a theory: back then, I usually kept my “best” school supplies hidden away for fear I’d lose them. Therefore, my daily supplies were always good, yet ones I could afford to lose. However, that eraser, I never did.

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