Seasons: bullied by crows

Self-tutoring about living in late spring: the tutor shares an experience.

When I need a car in the day, I drive my wife to work then borrow hers. Later, I return her car at her workplace, then walk back home. The walk is 12-15 minutes.

Today around 2pm I returned her car, then walked home in beautiful sun. Just before the last turn, a crow barked. I thought nothing of it until, a few seconds later, another’s wings flapped close behind my head. From then on, the onslaught was non-stop: two or three crows were involved. I think the same one always swooped close behind me, while the others just barked, accusingly, from trees or telephone poles. They all pursued me, changing perches as I hurried along. I didn’t start running, but just walked more briskly.

The crows got bolder as time went on: the swoops came closer to my head and the barking got louder. They really wanted me gone.

Then, the torment subsided; next it stopped altogether. The whole episode likely took under a minute, and occurred over about 100 yards. It got my attention.

I guess I’m not alone:

Jack of Oracle Tutoring by Jack and Diane, Campbell River, BC.

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