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Seasons: first day of Spring, 2019

Self-tutoring about weather and seasons: the tutor makes an annual report. Back in my post on January 26, 2015, I define the first day of spring as the year’s first sunny day with positive double digit temperature. Since then I’ve

Seasons, lifestyle: first day of spring 2018

Tutoring, you watch a year’s progress and notice season changes. The tutor gives his annual reflection about the start of spring. In my post back on January 26, 2015, I define the first day of spring as the first day

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Lifestyle: start of summer, 2017

Tutoring, you observe how people’s lifestyle and attitudes change along with the weather. The tutor reflects on the coming of summer, 2017. To a Canadian, seasons may not begin according to the designated times on the calendar. In my January

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Lifestyle: First day of spring, 2017

Tutoring, you notice how the seasons affect people. Back in my Jan 26, 2015 post, I explained my personal definition of the first day of spring: the first sunny day with temperature 10°C or higher. It happened on January 25

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Lifestyle and seasons: cross quarter days: August 5

The tutor discusses the meaning surrounding the cross quarter day August 5. I’ve written a couple of posts about cross quarter days (see here and here): they’re days at mid-season, rather than season boundaries. Often, a celebration is at or

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Spreadsheets: When is Easter?

The tutor points out how a spreadsheet can show holiday awareness. Most holidays, such as Valentine’s Day, Halloween, or Christmas, happen on a set date. However, Easter is different. As a child, I overheard it’s the Sunday after the first

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Seasons: when are the day and night equal in length?

The tutor shares a discovery about the seasons. I always believed that equal night and day – twelve hours each – happens at the turn of spring and the turn of fall. Last year, however, I noticed on the environment

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Feb 2: Groundhog Day: early spring?

The tutor comments on a cross-quarter day. In my post of Feb 6 last year, I defined and discussed cross-quarter days – those that mark mid-season, rather than start of season. The idea is that, to people serious about the

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Weather and Seasons: first day of spring, 2016, Campbell River

The tutor shares reflections about, from his point of view, the first day of spring, 2016, in Campbell River. As many of my readers realize, I’m a Maritimer. The mild weather on Canada’s west coast continues to impress me, even

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Winter ice: heat of fusion

As the ice melts away in the sun, the tutor entertains the heat involved. The heat of fusion is the amount of energy, per gram, that is required to melt solid to liquid without increasing its temperature. For ice, it’s

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