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Weather and seasons: frost today?

Self-tutoring about weather and seasons: the tutor mentions a surprising event. Normally, in our family, I’m the first up in the morning. Lying awake, around 6:20am, I heard no crickets. I speculated the overnight temp must have been low enough

Design: fall colours

Self-tutoring about fall colours: the tutor celebrates Fall 2019 Fall2019:) As a kid, earth tones weren’t my favourites. They seemed mundane, even tired. Blue, red, and green were cold and clean, untouched by the mess of everyday life. Now, I

Seasons: first day of Spring, 2019

Self-tutoring about weather and seasons: the tutor makes an annual report. Back in my post on January 26, 2015, I define the first day of spring as the year’s first sunny day with positive double digit temperature. Since then I’ve

Seasons, lifestyle: first day of spring 2018

Tutoring, you watch a year’s progress and notice season changes. The tutor gives his annual reflection about the start of spring. In my post back on January 26, 2015, I define the first day of spring as the first day

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Lifestyle: start of summer, 2017

Tutoring, you observe how people’s lifestyle and attitudes change along with the weather. The tutor reflects on the coming of summer, 2017. To a Canadian, seasons may not begin according to the designated times on the calendar. In my January

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Lifestyle: First day of spring, 2017

Tutoring, you notice how the seasons affect people. Back in my Jan 26, 2015 post, I explained my personal definition of the first day of spring: the first sunny day with temperature 10°C or higher. It happened on January 25

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Lifestyle and seasons: cross quarter days: August 5

The tutor discusses the meaning surrounding the cross quarter day August 5. I’ve written a couple of posts about cross quarter days (see here and here): they’re days at mid-season, rather than season boundaries. Often, a celebration is at or

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Spreadsheets: When is Easter?

The tutor points out how a spreadsheet can show holiday awareness. Most holidays, such as Valentine’s Day, Halloween, or Christmas, happen on a set date. However, Easter is different. As a child, I overheard it’s the Sunday after the first

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Seasons: when are the day and night equal in length?

The tutor shares a discovery about the seasons. I always believed that equal night and day – twelve hours each – happens at the turn of spring and the turn of fall. Last year, however, I noticed on the environment

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Feb 2: Groundhog Day: early spring?

The tutor comments on a cross-quarter day. In my post of Feb 6 last year, I defined and discussed cross-quarter days – those that mark mid-season, rather than start of season. The idea is that, to people serious about the

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