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Self-tutoring about traveling experiences: the tutor reflects about a bartender.

Rout is a bartender on my recent cruise. He became one of the best-loved people on the ship, which I’m sure happens every cruise he serves.

Rout wasn’t someone I noticed at first, since I didn’t drink. However, he tended the bar next to an events lounge, which I passed often to attend the events.

Even though, at first, I didn’t stop at Rout’s bar, I did notice that, from perhaps 10am until around 11pm, he had a loyal attendance of guests – the crowd grew with the hour. Rout was the first server I heard mentioned by name – in fact, I recognized the name on his tag because I’d heard it. The guests regularly observed that Rout was the man they needed to see for a drink.

I learned that, while Rout didn’t have drip coffee at his bar, he did have the capacity to make Americanos. Thereafter, I became one of his regulars.

I’d like to say Rout and I are friends, to the extent we could be within the context. Realistically, he’s likely served millions of clients, every single one of whom thinks of him as their friend. Rout makes every one of his clients feel special.

One night my wife told Rout she didn’t know what she wanted, but something tropical and fruity. He told her no problem, then made her a paradise punch, which I tasted: it was really good.

I’m sure Rout, even now, is making drinks for a new set of cruisers. They’re lucky to have him – and they’ll soon know it, if they don’t already:)

Jack of Oracle Tutoring by Jack and Diane, Campbell River, BC.

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