Web browers: password saving, part 2

Self-tutoring about saving passwords on a browser: the tutor continues…

In my May 21 post I mention removing a saved password from Firefox. I don’t normally save passwords to the browser, but I did that time by mistake, so went into the Firefox menu and removed it. Instructions about how are here, from nordpass.com

Yet, I’ve faced a conundrum for years: The folks at Mozilla are very smart (I can tell by the resources they have on the web). Yet, storing passwords in your browser, whence someone else can use them, doesn’t seem to be. So why do they offer that option?

Yesterday a possible answer dawned on me: imagine you work in a crowded environment, where people can see what you’re typing. Then, saving passwords in the browser might make sense, because you needn’t type them again: you can log into an online utility just by clicking. Then, when you leave, you can lock out your computer. Perhaps you can log into it some other way, like voice or fingerprint, so locking it out is safe.

In such a case, it might be smart to save your passwords to your browser.

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