Web design: a JavaScript wrapper for SVG in WordPress

The tutor shows an example of a wrapper program in action.

To my knowledge, a wrapper is a program that hides a function that the managing system can’t handle. The “wrapping” is code that the managing system recognizes as the responsibility of another service, which it calls. The called service then executes the code inside the “wrapping”.

Here’s a example: SVG in WordPress. I’ve never gotten SVG to work in WordPress. (I’ve heard there are plugins for it, but haven’t tried any.) Yet, SVG is supported by the browser. I asked, “Could I embed SVG in JavaScript, which WordPress will turn over to the browser?”

Looking at the graphic above, the answer seems to be “yes”. The JavaScript wrapper program works: it allows SVG to be executed onto a WordPress page, when WordPress itself (to my knowledge) won’t do so without a plugin.


Mozilla Foundation

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