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JavaScript: literal string with the concat() function

The tutor shares an observation about the concat() function. The concat() function is used to join one or more strings to the end of another: var strng0 = “This string, “; var strng1 = “then this one” var strng2 =

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Web Programming: JavaScript: how to manage a multi-line string

The tutor tells a trick for printing long strings with JavaScript. Suppose you have a long string, over many lines, that you want to print with JavaScript. Typically, to print a string, you might assign it to a variable, then

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Web design: a JavaScript wrapper for SVG in WordPress

The tutor shows an example of a wrapper program in action. To my knowledge, a wrapper is a program that hides a function that the managing system can’t handle. The “wrapping” is code that the managing system recognizes as the

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Web design: jQuery css() and JavaScript style: boundary testing

The tutor discusses what he noticed while experimenting with jQuery css() and JavaScript style. JavaScript has a style function that allows you to access style attributes of an element. For example, to get an element’s color: var e1_color=document.getElementById(“e1”).style.color; However, as