Windows: folder has different name in Windows Explorer vs directory in Command Prompt

Self-tutoring about Windows file system: the tutor mentions a discovery.

Today, checking a backup directory, I noticed that, in Windows Explorer, the backup folder for Desktop (desktop_backup) isn’t there. Rather, Desktop is. Yet, in command prompt, Desktop isn’t there, but desktop_backup is.

Checking the dates last modified, I found them the same: apparently, on my backup drive, Desktop and desktop_backup match. Why different names, one in Windows Explorer, the other in Command Prompt?

My reading seems to indicate that desktop.ini is the reason: it gets copied right along with the other desktop contents. Normally hidden, it tells Windows Explorer how to display the folder. Since desktop_backup is a copy of Desktop, it contains desktop.ini, so displays as Desktop in Windows Explorer. Yet, the Command Prompt shows it by its real name, desktop_backup.

Interesting, eh?


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