Word processors: LibreOffice Writer: typing French accents, part0

Self-tutoring about typing in French: the tutor begins….

I’m using my old Linux box, circa 2017, with LibreOffice. Some of my typing is in French. However, this is a laptop, and doesn’t exactly have a French keyboard.

Actually getting the French symbols such as é isn’t too hard if you’re willing to do a lot of mouse clicks: You click Insert, then Special Character…, then find your character in the grid, click on it, then finally click Insert. It’s all easy enough, but very time-consuming. Plus, I don’t like clicking the mouse; I prefer typing. Is there an easier way?

Ctrl+Shift+u (afterwards releasing them), then the hexadecimal index of the character in Unicode, then Enter, will produce the character. However, you need to know its hexadecimal Unicode index, which can be gotten from the Special Characters menu or a Unicode chart online.

For instance, Ctrl+Shift+u then e9 then Enter will produce é. I’ve found this trick to work in other environments as well.



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