Behaviour: cats and cars

Self-tutoring about animal behaviour: the tutor makes an observation connected with a long-ago memory.

Many years ago I overheard someone discussing various animals’ behaviour as they would cross the highway.

“Cats, if they see a car coming, always turn around and run back the way they came,” they related.

This morning, from a window, I noticed a large cat crossing the road. Three-quarters across, it heard a “toot” from a slow-moving car.

The cat is very large, and so its reversal was dramatic. It easily made it back; the car’s driver was moving gently so as to give it time. The point is that the cat, only a few feet from the side it had wanted to go, turned back and re-crossed to get out of the car’s way. It happened just as the person had described, so many years ago.

Jack of Oracle Tutoring by Jack and Diane, Campbell River, BC.

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