Biology: the earthworm

Self-tutoring about everyday life, accidents, and survival: the tutor tells a story.

Yesterday when we went outside to do part of a workout, a magnificent earthworm was crossing the cement. It was very impressive, just escaping the swampy lawn, I guess.

The worm wasn’t in a hurry to make itself scarce. At one point someone went back in, then came back out, and stepped on the worm by accident. Everyone felt bad. “What can we do?” the person asked, when they realized what had happened.

I looked at the earthworm, crushed in one place, and coiled up defensively. “It might yet survive,” I said: “just leave it.”

The worm was so still it might already have been dead. However, when I went out a few hours later, half of it was gone.

I recall hearing, when I was a kid, that when an earthworm gets cut in two, both ends try to grow a new tail. Whether that’s correct or not, I don’t know, but it seems to have happened with that worm.

I looked at the dead tail, happy that, after we went inside, the head end slipped away. I’m so glad the worm made it:)


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