Home computer use: ReadyBoost and NTFS

Self-tutoring about home computers: the tutor continues a story with one he uses.

I recall reading that, with FAT32, a file can’t be over 4GB. Sometime, I noticed that a USB drive I was using with ReadyBoost has the FAT32 system. I didn’t put those two ideas together right away, but when my mind would idle, it would think about one or the other.

I finally connected that the ReadyBoost partition on that USB drive was 4GB, then wondered: was that because of FAT32? Perhaps (I don’t know) ReadyBoost uses a single file on the USB drive, and is limited to 4GB because the drive itself is FAT32.

I formed a plan: I’d get a much bigger USB drive, and format it NTFS. When my wife and son went out to post-Christmas shop, I tossed in the request of a “big” USB drive – 64GB or 128GB – that had to be 3.0.

They returned with a 128GB USB drive. Then, I executed the plan: First, I went into the ReadyBoost menu on the old USB drive I was using, and told it not to use that device any more. ReadyBoost told me, in some way, that it would remove its activity from the drive. I waited – it didn’t take long. Next, I went down to the bar across the bottom to display the hidden icons, from which I chose the “safely remove device” option, and indicated that I wanted to remove the old USB. It told me, immediately, that it was safe to do, so I did.

Next, I inserted the new, 128GB USB, and formatted it to NTFS, which took around a second. (Formatting wipes a drive, so NEVER do it without careful consideration. In this case, the drive was new, so there was nothing on it anyway.)

Finally, I went to the ReadyBoost tab for the new USB drive (I think Properties, then Tools, then ReadyBoost, is how I got there) and told it “Use this device.”

ReadyBoost requested 32GB of the USB drive, which I was happy to permit, because that computer has a mechanical hard drive which seems to struggle to keep up. Anyway, the computer works better than ever, so far…




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