Home computer use: my “new” computer

Self-tutoring about new beginnings and computers: the tutor mentions one.

I’ve a Windows 10 computer from 2017. It didn’t work very well when I first got it, but then had its good times. In mid December it went from working like a top to barely at all. Yet, I couldn’t forsake it – what to do?

I read that, with Windows 10, you can restart the computer while pressing Shift, then get some troubleshooting options. With apprehension I did so.

This isn’t an exact recall, but I remember perhaps a troubleshooting menu that eventually offered to re-install Windows 10. I took the option to keep my files. Next it offered to reinstall Windows 10 from online or from the the computer itself. I tried to do it from online – no luck. Next I tried to reload from this computer itself, which worked. It took nearly the whole day – I would check it every hour or so to see its progress.

Sometimes it didn’t give fresh news, but after many hours of seeming frozen, sometimes seeming to do something, or restarting, the computer woke up. Since then it’s worked as well as ever, maybe even better.

I’ve more to say about this and will follow up. Happy New Year!



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