Bird watching: red-tailed hawk

Self-tutoring about local birds: the tutor notices, for the first time, a red-tailed hawk.

Red-tailed hawks are summer residents of most parts of Canada, but live year-round on Vancouver Island as well as in extreme southern BC, Ontario, and Quebec. Their wings and tails are broad.

Today, looking up over the road, I saw something too light underneath to be an eagle or vulture, with no white or red head either. It was too light even to be a golden eagle; I also though it was too small to be that. Its light coloring underneath, plus its lazy way of gliding, told me it was something new.

I reached for the guide, recalling its relatively short, yet broad, tail, its large (yet not overlarge) size, and its light coloring underneath. The guide suggests, pretty strongly, it’s a red-tailed hawk.


Hoar, De Smet et al. Birds of Canada. Edmonton: Lone Pine Publishing, 2010.

Jack of Oracle Tutoring by Jack and Diane, Campbell River, BC.

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