Music: Crowded House: “Don’t Dream it’s Over”

Self-tutoring about music and messages in songs: the tutor mentions “Don’t Dream it’s Over” by Crowded House.

Although it was released Aug 1986, I didn’t notice “Don’t Dream it’s Over” until spring of ’87. For me, the song was a bright spot in a dark time.

“Don’t Dream it’s Over” is very catchy, yet its pace is moderate. Its lyrics move more quickly than its music, visiting numerous inescapable reflections. One great example: “My possessions are causing me suspicion but there’s no proof.” Who hasn’t found themselves there?

“Don’t Dream it’s Over” contains enough ideas to merit four posts. Looking at the lyrical minimalism of many hit songs, you can’t help but wonder at its ample content. One expects it could’ve been as successful with half as much.

When I noticed “Don’t Dream it’s Over”, I liked it because of its catchy tune and its perfect match of voice with music. Around 2015, I decided to give the song a more serious listen. Until then, I’d been aware that it carried much meaning, but hadn’t really thought about it.

The most memorable message in “Don’t Dream it’s Over”, for me, is “But you’ll never see the end of the road/ While you’re travelling with me.” How many people have you heard say that? How many meant it? Perhaps, for many people, the only time they ever will hear that message is by listening to “Don’t Dream it’s Over.”

I must return to “Don’t Dream it’s Over” in a future post. Crowded House had other hits as well.


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