Canadian animals: the brave squirrel

Self-tutoring about how urban animals interact with people: the tutor relates one situation.

A couple of days back, during rush hour, I was walking the sidewalk. A little ahead of me, someone else walked my same direction. We were walking about 10 feet apart, at equal speed, down a street that was very quiet, even half a block from a very busy one.

Across the street, a squirrel seized an acorn, but wanted to be on our side. It ran halfway across the road, then paused, waiting for us to pass. After a few seconds, it decided not to wait for us, so slinked across to pass a few feet in front of the person ahead of me.

The knowledge of the street’s traffic patterns, and how it sized up how to navigate around us, seemed very human to me. But of course, mammals tend to emulate what they observe:)

Jack of Oracle Tutoring by Jack and Diane, Campbell River, BC.

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