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Natural gas vs propane: part 0

Self-tutoring about common fuels: the tutor makes an initial comparison of natural gas to propane. Natural gas is chiefly methane, CH4; propane is C3H8. The combustion equation for methane: CH4 + 2O2 → CO2 + 2H2O Propane’s combustion equation, on

Chemistry: molecular weight of fats and oils

Tutoring organic chemistry, the composition of a fat or oil might be of interest. The tutor shares a resource. Today, my reading sent me after the molecular mass of a typical fat or oil. I found the triglyceride molecular weight

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Organic chemistry: cis and trans

The tutor gives a simple explanation of why trans fat may be disadvantageous. Cis and trans compounds have the same chemical formula but are shaped differently. With both cis and trans, a row of atoms experiences two irregularities. The cis

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Organic Chemistry: sn1 reaction

The tutor describes  a fundamental reaction of organic chemistry. In yesterday’s post I explained the concept of solvation. While that post discussed solvation in the context of dissolving salts, solvation can also happen with organic species. In particular, you could

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Biology: monomers and polymers

Tutoring Biology 12, you cover this concept.  The tutor approaches it from a simple, practical point of view. You normally hear about monomers and polymers in organic chemistry.  Think of the name polyester:  it’s a polymer of esters.  The esters,

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Organic Chemistry: naming alcohols

At university, the tutor encountered the world of organic chemistry – as many of you have or will.  Although it comes up rarely in high school tutoring, a basis is beneficial before you face it at post-secondary level. If you

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Organic Chemistry: Simplified drawings

When you tutor high school chemistry, you cover a little organic chemistry. Today we visit a topic that rarely gets asked about during tutoring, but is very useful to know at the college level.   In my previous post on

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Organic chemistry: a beginning

The tutor knew that eventually, he would discuss organic chemistry.  While it might be mentioned only briefly in high school, it is important at university. Organic chemistry is a bit different from the chemistry most students are first taught. Yet,