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Design: grey and beige, part 2

Self-tutoring about colour: the tutor continues about grey and beige. Grey &beige. Source:

Design: what is chartreuse?

Self-tutoring about design: the tutor reminds himself what colour chartreuse is. The background of this paragraph is chartreuse. Source:

Design: what is sepia?

Self-tutoring about design: the tutor mentions the idea of sepia. To start with, I didn’t even know how to pronounce sepia, but it’s SEE-pee-uh. In black-and-white photography, there is only a scale of brightness of a single hue. Likely the

Web design: monochrome

Self-tutoring about web design: the tutor reflects about his fascination with monochromatic color schemes. Monochromatic color schemes, which consist of a single colour of various shades, I find very interesting. I think one appeal of a monochrome palette is its

Favourite colours

Self-tutoring about colour choices: the tutor inquires about worldwide favourites. Blue is the most popular colour worldwide. From country to country, the second-favourite colour varies: typically it’s red or green. Yet, in Hong Kong, it’s purple! In both the US

Additive and subtractive color models

Self-tutoring about colors: the tutor compares the additive and subtractive systems. Additive color is the RGB model employed by devices that produce colored light – televisions, for example. Subtractive color is the CMY (cyan, magenta, yellow) system for pigments. It

Design: yellow on white?

Design self-tutoring: the tutor wonders how close colors can be while still providing enough contrast. Happy Mothers Day Source: Jack of Oracle Tutoring by Jack and Diane, Campbell River, BC.

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