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Nature: diving moose

Self-tutoring about Canadian wildlife: the tutor reports…. I read today that moose may dive to depth of 5.5m to eat plants from a lake bottom. Interesting, eh? I plan to follow up with more moose posts. Source:

Nature: three spruces

Self-tutoring about spruce on the East Coast: the tutor recalls…. Living in the Atlantic provinces as a kid, I encountered three spruces: white, black, and red. White and black spruce thrive below the tree line. They are hardy species that

Nature: nightcrawlers, part 0

Self-tutoring about worms: the tutor mentions a sighting. I’m in Parksville this week. The other night I had to go out for a razor because I forgot mine at home. It had been a rainy, windy day. Luckily I went