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Earth science, geology: p-waves and s-waves

Tutoring earth science, p-waves and s-waves might arise. The tutor gives quick definitions. p-waves: compression waves from a seismic event (eg earthquake). These waves cause the earth to vibrate in their direction of travel. Imagine how a shock-absorber in a

Technology: how a metal detector works

The tutor gives a nontechnical explanation of how a metal detector functions. Watching Curse of Oak Island on the History channel, you see them use metal detectors. How does a metal detector work? A basic explanation is this: The search

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The Tectonic Plates: Floating Islands of Rock

Tutoring high school science, you might be asked about plate tectonics at any time.  Here is the most condensed, pragmatic explanation you’ll likely find. To believe in plate tectonics – which, by the way, is true beyond any doubt – you need