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Technology: how is jewelry chain mass-produced?

Self-tutoring about manufacturing: the tutor looks into the mass-production of jewelry chain. Last night, shopping with my wife for clothes, I noticed the jewelry display. There were some really nice-looking items, at low cost – around $20 or so. I

What is ping?

Self-tutoring about technology: the tutor explores the idea of ping. Apparently, ping is measured in milliseconds (ms), and is the time a device awaits an answer from another. The lower it is, the better. I’ve read that ping below 50

Image processing: png vs jpg: when they’re the same size….

Self-tutoring about image formats: the tutor shares a find. In my post from June 6, I include a photo of a spider taken from my phone. I saved it both as a .png and a .jpg (aka,.jpeg), same dimensions, etc.

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Technology: what is bounce rate?

More self-tutoring about technology: the tutor shares the term bounce rate. bounce rate percentage of visits that view a single page on a site, then leave. Source: Jack of Oracle Tutoring by Jack and Diane, Campbell River, BC.

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Computer technology: what is a hypervisor?

For me, understanding computer technology requires constant self-tutoring. The tutor defines the term hypervisor. In my Feb 15 post I explain the idea of a virtual machine. The virtual machine exists atop a hypervisor. hypervisor (noun): a program that allows

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Windows: file permissions: what does Bypass Traverse Checking mean?

Researching file permissions can mean self-tutoring. The tutor relays the idea of Bypass Traverse Checking. Bypass Traverse Checking (file permission) This permission allows a user to access a specific file that is not protected, but which resides in a folder

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Computer science, technology: what is a virtual machine (VM)?

More technology self-tutoring: the tutor explains the idea of a virtual machine. virtual machine (abbreviation: VM): An entity that is accessible via keyboard and screen, like a desktop, and may function, to the user, like a standalone computer. However, the

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Computer science, technology: what is firmware?

Technology has its own terms which may require self-tutoring to understand. The tutor defines firmware. firmware (n): instructions that reside in a device for the purpose of performing its pre-set functions. Typically, firmware is device-specific and meant to operate without

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Technology, mobile phones: Nexus 4: .aux folder in DCIM

Using technology can lead to continual self-tutoring. The tutor mentions a fact he learned today. Looking to download some photos from my phone to storage, I found a .aux folder inside the DCIM one. (DCIM means Digital Camera IMages.) Wondering

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Medical technology: is CT scan the same as CAT scan?

Curiosity has led to self-tutoring: the tutor discusses the two terms CT scan and CAT scan. CT scan and CAT scan have the same meaning. CAT scan is the older term. CT stands computerized tomography, whereas CAT stands for computerized

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