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Technology: what is a bump stock?

Self-tutoring about firearm technology: the tutor mentions bump stocks. To understand a bump stock, one must first understand semi-automatic vs automatic. Semi-automatic guns require a distinct trigger-pull for each shot, with a trigger release in between; automatic, the shooter can

Technology: the Internet of Things

Self-tutoring about a modern technology trend: the tutor begins with a definition. The Internet of Things literally refers to things online rather than people. Nowadays, an electronic device – for instance, a smoke detector or even a light bulb –

Technology: how is jewelry chain mass-produced?

Self-tutoring about manufacturing: the tutor looks into the mass-production of jewelry chain. Last night, shopping with my wife for clothes, I noticed the jewelry display. There were some really nice-looking items, at low cost – around $20 or so. I

What is ping?

Self-tutoring about technology: the tutor explores the idea of ping. Apparently, ping is measured in milliseconds (ms), and is the time a device awaits an answer from another. The lower it is, the better. I’ve read that ping below 50

Image processing: png vs jpg: when they’re the same size….

Self-tutoring about image formats: the tutor shares a find. In my post from June 6, I include a photo of a spider taken from my phone. I saved it both as a .png and a .jpg (aka,.jpeg), same dimensions, etc.

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Technology: what is bounce rate?

More self-tutoring about technology: the tutor shares the term bounce rate. bounce rate percentage of visits that view a single page on a site, then leave. Source: Jack of Oracle Tutoring by Jack and Diane, Campbell River, BC.

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Computer technology: what is a hypervisor?

For me, understanding computer technology requires constant self-tutoring. The tutor defines the term hypervisor. In my Feb 15 post I explain the idea of a virtual machine. The virtual machine exists atop a hypervisor. hypervisor (noun): a program that allows

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Windows: file permissions: what does Bypass Traverse Checking mean?

Researching file permissions can mean self-tutoring. The tutor relays the idea of Bypass Traverse Checking. Bypass Traverse Checking (file permission) This permission allows a user to access a specific file that is not protected, but which resides in a folder

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Computer science, technology: what is a virtual machine (VM)?

More technology self-tutoring: the tutor explains the idea of a virtual machine. virtual machine (abbreviation: VM): An entity that is accessible via keyboard and screen, like a desktop, and may function, to the user, like a standalone computer. However, the

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Computer science, technology: what is firmware?

Technology has its own terms which may require self-tutoring to understand. The tutor defines firmware. firmware (n): instructions that reside in a device for the purpose of performing its pre-set functions. Typically, firmware is device-specific and meant to operate without

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