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Home electronics: help from live chat

Self-tutoring about home electronics: the tutor shares. Using a Smart TV today, I couldn’t get the web browser to work, even though the TV itself reported being connected to the internet. I read the instructions in the support screen about

Mobile phones, electronics: should I unplug the phone charger when not in use?

Technology self-tutoring: the tutor checks the importance of unplugging an unused phone charger. I’ve read in more than one place to unplug a phone charger when it’s not being used. Doing so I find inconvenient, but I’ve done it anyway

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AC Electricity, electronics: how a series low-pass filter works

The tutor briefly explains the low-pass filter. This explanation draws on ideas from that of a high-pass filter (see my article here). A low-pass filter sends along low frequencies but blocks higher ones. The one we’re looking at today has

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AC Electricity, electronics: series high-pass filter

The tutor gives background along with a basic explanation of how a high-pass filter works. A high-pass filter will send along high frequency signals but block low frequencies. It can do so because the impedance, Xc, of a capacitor of

Technology: how a metal detector works

The tutor gives a nontechnical explanation of how a metal detector functions. Watching Curse of Oak Island on the History channel, you see them use metal detectors. How does a metal detector work? A basic explanation is this: The search

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Consumer electronics: the PNY flash drive

The tutor tells of a purchase he made. A few weeks back, one of my kids wanted to borrow a flash drive so he could load his project on it to take to school. We didn’t have any at our

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Mobile phone apps: Nexus 4 onboard calculator: trig functions

The tutor offers a hint about using the Nexus 4 onboard calculator for sin, cos, and tan. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to get acquainted with my mobile phone. Believe it or not, I’ve been lounging on the

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Calculator usage: The ENG function on the Casio fx-260solar

The tutor explains his recent understanding of a function he’s wondered about. I’ve noticed the ENG function on more than one calculator, but have never used it. I’ve always assumed it means “engineering”; since I’m not one, it makes sense

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Circuit analysis: The maximum power transfer theorem

From time to time, a tutor might get asked questions about electric circuits.  In the context of tutoring or just for general interest, the maximum power transfer theorem  is nice. I last studied electronics about twelve years ago.  Ideas from

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Electronics: how a transistor works

Tutoring science, you are naturally interested in technology.  The tutor begins an exploration of electronics. A transistor is a device that can be used to control current flow.  Perhaps its most recognizable application is in amplifier circuits.  In that context,

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