Self-tutoring about electronics and repair: the tutor mentions an observation. Apparently, the damage to a failed printed circuit board (pcb) may not be visible. While it often, or even usually is, it needn’t be in every case. Source:

Technology self-tutoring: the tutor checks the importance of unplugging an unused phone charger. I’ve read in more than one place to unplug a phone charger when it’s not being used. Doing so I find inconvenient, but I’ve done it anyway …

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The tutor briefly explains the low-pass filter. This explanation draws on ideas from that of a high-pass filter (see my article here). A low-pass filter sends along low frequencies but blocks higher ones. The one we’re looking at today has …

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The tutor offers a hint about using the Nexus 4 onboard calculator for sin, cos, and tan. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to get acquainted with my mobile phone. Believe it or not, I’ve been lounging on the …

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