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English: idea completion in formal writing

Tutoring English, the difference between everyday and formal communication is important. The tutor mentions idea completion. Consider the following sentence: Life in a small town is easier. Informally, people likely assume what is meant is Life in a small town

English: dangling modifiers: what are they, and how can they be corrected?

Tutoring English, this topic is a classic. The tutor recalls hearing it decades ago…. A modifier gives more meaning to its sentence, but isn’t the main idea. Some examples (with modifiers in italics): Sitting around the campfire, we noticed a

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Typing: some dangerous hotkeys (keyboard shortcuts)

The tutor finds the “keys” to missing sections of text. Especially on a laptop, when I’m typing a post, a chunk of text suddenly disappears. I’ve got in the habit of right-clicking, then clicking undo, to resurrect the accidentally deleted

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