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Handyman role: plumbing: quick connects

Self-tutoring about plumbing: the tutor relates…. I had to change out a plumbing connector the other day…it seems its liner was disintegrating. I went to the hardware store and got helpful advice. (I also made a few impulse buys.) When

Electricity: where is 208 volts used?

Self-tutoring about wiring: the tutor inquires about where 208V supply might be found. Looking at the baseboard heaters the other day, I noticed they have two wattage ratings: one if in a 208V system, and one if in 240V. I

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Diy: can new silicone be added over old?

Diy self-tutoring: the tutor explores the idea of redoing a silicone seal. When a silicone seal gives up, or likely soon will, it needs to be repaired. Can you apply new silicone over top an old seal to fill a

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Handyman role, home maintenance: (at least some) LED bulbs not for installation in completely enclosed fixtures?

Home maintenance, for me, requires constant self-tutoring. The tutor mentions a message he saw on the label of some LED bulbs. I long ago heard that LED bulbs would produce comparable light – or even brighter – for a fraction

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Handyman role: hinge measurements

Taking on the handyman role leads to self-tutoring: the tutor shares a discovery about hinge sizing. At possibly around 20 years old, little things on a house can need replacing. Such was the case with the spring hinge on the

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Gutter maintenance: a quick fix

Home maintenance is another area of self-tutoring. The tutor shares an improvisation. I’ve always used gutter baskets, but I’m having trouble finding them locally. I had to replace a rusted-out one, so wondered what to do. I happened to have

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Lifestyle: handyman role: how to remove a tight lag screw (hopefully) in one piece

Yard work is constant self-tutoring. The tutor shares an observation from it. Today I was disassembling some reinforcements made last fall for an abandoned project. The reinforcements were triangular, consisting of landscaping ties and 2×6 boards fastened with lag screws.

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Weather: snow accumulation: mass of snow on the deck

The tutor mentions a consequence of the recent snow event. Here, we’ve had an unusual amount of snow lately. I cleared off the deck two days ago to relieve it from the mass of snow on top. Then, from the

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Lifestyle: opening jars: why a cloth or glove might help

The tutor talks about why using a cloth or rubber glove might help to open a jar. I’m not particularly strong, so with household chores I have to improvise sometimes – for instance, when opening jars. When I was a

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Lifestyle: toy repair with J-B Weld, part II

The tutor continues about a toy repair, with some reinforcement ideas. While we were repairing the toy a few nights ago (see my previous post), my father-in-law suggested that, after the first repair cured, a second application should be considered

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