Home computer use: email programs: copying an email to a different label in Gmail

Home computer use might require self-tutoring. The tutor shares a bit.

Users of typical email programs might imagine moving a message from Inbox to the Education folder, the Nancy folder (if Nancy is one of your correspondents), or so on.

As I was instructed this morning, Gmail uses labels rather than folders. However, they seem to accomplish the same function you might imagine from a folder.

If you select an email (let’s imagine in Inbox), several icons appear across the top of the page. One is a folder (somewhat ironically); the other, a keychain. To move the email to a different label, so it will reside there but no longer in Inbox, click the folder and select where you wish to store it.

To copy the email to a different place, but still have it reside in Inbox, it’s the keychain icon (called Labels if you mouse over) you need to use.

That’s as I understand, anyway.

Gmail really is a very handy program, I find.



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