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Linux (Ubuntu): sudo

Self-tutoring about Ubuntu: the tutor mentions sudo. In Linux, some tasks require elevated privileges. Trying to do such an action without assuming elevated privilege (sudo in Ubuntu) may lead to an error. The system is designed to prevent less-privileged users

Linux: how to update (L)ubuntu 18.04 from the terminal

Self-tutoring about Ubuntu Linux: the tutor mentions command-line update. I resurrected a computer that likely hadn’t run in 8 years (or longer) using Lubuntu. It identifies, from the terminal, as Ubuntu 18.04. I tried updating its software from the GUI

Linux: block devices: info about a file system

Self-tutoring about Linux: the tutor mentions Linux block devices and how to discover the file system type. In a Linux file system, a block device is a device listed as if it’s a file in a directory. The command lsblk

Spreadsheets: LibreOffice Calc: how to get a graph and equation from data

The tutor shows how to get a graph and equation for data using LibreOffice Calc, in six easy steps. Let’s imagine your x-data is in a1:a5, your y-data, b1:b5. Select the range a1:b5. Click the Chart icon, which looks like

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Navigating the file system from the terminal (aka Command Prompt): how to enter a two-or-more word directory or file name

The tutor shares a hint he noticed recently. When I started with computers, I don’t believe you could have a folder name like this folder: as I recall, you couldn’t have a space in the name. (You could have an

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Web design: css3 gradient, part III: browser support

Continuing about css3 gradient effects, the tutor discusses some of the browsers that do or don’t support them. In my previous two posts (here and here), I’ve been talking about the css3 gradient effect. I’ve acknowledged that not everyone viewing

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Linux: display ls results one page at a time

The tutor tells a useful hint he learned from Sometimes, searching a directory in Linux, the results are so numerous that the user is plunged to the end, not being able to see the early or middle entries. There

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External drives: finding unrecognized space (or perhaps even a drive itself)

The tutor continues talking about the usb hard drive he bought perhaps six years ago. Back in my Oct 27 post I described a peripheral hard drive bought around 2009, mentioning it was about $50 at the time, and stored

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Easter eggs: the factor command

Here, the tutor is happy to report, Easter comes early. An easter egg is a feature not reported. To become aware of it, the user must either stumble upon it, or else find out from research. Reading about Linux terminal

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Linux: ls command: listing subdirectories first, part II

The tutor talks more about listing subdirectories first with the Linux ls command. I began with this topic in my May 17 post (exactly five months ago, I notice:) While the solution therein is very helpful, I’ve found another one

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