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Psychology, probability: a parking game

Tutoring probability, you can imagine so many everyday examples. The tutor shares one. This morning I went to pick up some groceries. I like to load groceries through the rear door of the van. However, I also like to drive

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Statistics: how often can something “better” be expected to perform better?

Tutoring statistics, you might imagine everyday situations. The tutor brings up one. Let’s imagine we have two mile runners. Runner 1, called R1, has mean time 4:45, with standard deviation 10s; R2 has mean time 5:00 with standard deviation 12s.

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Lifestyle: games: why Las Vegas in Parker Brothers’ Careers® is a good deal.

Tutoring probability, a better example than this might be hard to find. The tutor explains about the Las Vegas square in Careers® by Parker Brothers. I explain expected value in my post from August 16, 2013, showing by example that

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Probability, demographics: a person’s chance of reaching age 100

The tutor reports an interesting statistic. In 2013, the world population was approximately 7.07 billion. At the same time, people aged ≥ 100 numbered about 450 thousand. Those figures suggest that a completely random person on Earth has probability 450

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