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Math: ratios: making oatmeal: 4:9

Self-tutoring about ratios: the tutor reflects about preparing oatmeal. The ratio of oatmeal to water, with the brand I use, is 1 and 1/3 cup to 3 cups. As such, it’s a less convenient ratio to scale up or down

Metric system: how big is a hectare?

Tutoring science, the metric system may arise. The tutor mentions the definition of a hectare. hectare (noun): a square unit spanning 10000m2. A hectare can be pictured an as area 100m wide by 100m long. Another way to imagine a

Math, engineering, trades: steepness measurement: definition of grade

Tutoring math, you encounter grade. The tutor discusses its definition and why it might be surprising. Grade is defined as 100%*(vertical/horizontal). In the above diagram, it would be as follows: grade=100%*(rise/run). By itself, rise/run is called slope. Therefore, grade=100%*slope What

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