Health: Shoulder injury, two months in

Self-tutoring about health: the tutor reports on his shoulder injury, which happened two months ago.

As I report in my post August 22, my shoulder got injured August 7. An X-ray suggested bursitis, tendinits, and calcification.

During the first week after the injury I could barely move my right arm from the shoulder, and the pain was intense in the evening. Mobility did begin to return during the second week, but some movements were still impossible. In the morning, after sleep, the shoulder would be tender. However, during week 2, the pain vanished.

Three weeks in, I could write on the board all day. Stiffness still prohibited certain movements – the mobility gains seemed to slow down. I recall starting the lawn mower with my left hand, which was awkward. I guess that was a few days before school resumed.

A week ago I woke up and knew something was different, but took until the following morning to realize what: the shoulder wasn’t delicate when I woke up. On second thought, it wasn’t complaining anytime, having regained equality with my daily activities.

The shoulder isn’t strong yet – I can’t return to martial arts, probably for months. I’m keeping in shape with running, the stairclimber, and other cardio activities. If I ever restart bench press, it’ll likely be at square 0.

For everyday life, though, the shoulder is a match, which was hard to imagine six weeks ago.

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