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Amid a busy life and Bitdefender’s solid reliability, it wins again.

Coincidentally, on this first day of Christmas break, my Bitdefender 2015 subscription finally expired. Back in my Dec 6 post, I told of plans to get out to check the computer security software options. While I did so briefly online, I never got to the stores. Bitdefender seems still to be at the top anyway, so I don’t feel remiss about sticking with it.

The package we have is Bitdefender Total Security. It comes with a license for 3 PCs, which is fortuitous because that’s how many Windows ones we have. Today I renewed Bitdefender on all three of them. For those curious, here’s the renewal process as I recall it:

  1. If you renew online, you get an email from Bitdefender. It includes your license key (which likely is the same one you had before, if you’re renewing) and links to the renewal downloads. One link is for Windows 7 and up, while the other is for XP and Vista.
  2. You copy the link (whichever you need), paste it to the address bar of your browser, then go there. In my experience (I use Google Chrome), the download starts immediately.
  3. I clicked on the downloaded file, then chose Open. When asked if I wanted to allow the program to run, I chose Yes.
  4. First, Bitdefender needs to uninstall the previous version. After allowing it to do so, you need to let your computer restart.
  5. Interesting: After the restart, on two of my computers (one Windows 7 and one XP), Bitdefender reappeared front and centre, prompting to start the new installation. However, on one of them, (the other Windows 7 one) it didn’t; I had to go back into the Downloads folder, reopen the program I’d downloaded from the link, and run it again. From then, it went fine.
  6. On one of the computers, I had to tell it to use the installation key detected onboard. For the other two, I just had to tell it I had one – or else just click Finish.
  7. With two of the computers, I had to login to Bitdefender to complete the install. However, with the other one (which was the same one for which I had to re-open the file after restarting), I wasn’t asked to.

Although re-installing Bitdefender is easy, it takes time. I spent around 15 minutes per PC.

In my experience, it’s unwise to do any computer-related task in a hurry:)


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