Home computer use: Windows 10: sudden shutdown

Self-tutoring about home computer use: the tutor reflects about a sudden shutdown.

I really don’t enjoy when the computer suddenly shuts down. On the other hand, I love writing posts like this, because what I’ve perhaps discovered I find interesting.

This morning this computer suddenly shut down. It’s been doing so more lately. So, why did it? I decided to try to find out.

I know there’s an error log so went there to discover the following error: Critical Kernel-Power 41. That sounds serious, so I decided to investigate. It was easy to find.

What I’ve managed to surmise from the reading is that a shutdown can happen due to a sudden power demand aimed at a computer running on battery. The combination might be something like the following:

  1. The computer is unplugged, so suddenly is running off its battery (which may even be fully charged).
  2. A non-powered USB device is then plugged into the computer. That device, having no power supply of its own, is powered by its host.
  3. The computer, having lost its AC power and then suddenly loaded with powering another device as well, becomes temporarily overwhelmed, so restarts.

I’m not saying I know that’s the cause, but given recent events with this computer, it could make sense. From now on I will make sure it’s plugged into the power bar before connecting the USB device to it.




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