Retrospect: “Deep Breakfast”

Self-tutoring about how the past and present align: the tutor reflects…

Back in the early ’90s I had a couple of friends; we three spent much time together for a year or two. We’d already known each other from a few years before.

One of them was my age – around 20 – while the other was closing in on 40. Yet, we had a fair bit in common. All of us, at the time, were in transition – and not in a good way.

The older guy – he was between serious relationships, still working things out with his latest ex. The other guy and me, we’d gradded together, and found life after high school hard. He and I were very poor. Likely, the older guy was poor, too, from his own point of view – though he was much richer than we were. The other two shared a house which I visited often.

In the mornings, they liked to listen to Deep Breakfast. It’s an album by Ray Lynch. We joked a couple of times that they tended to listen to it at breakfast, possibly because its title suggested to. Around then, things started to get worse for all three of us, each in their own way. Yet, we continued to listen to Deep Breakfast.

Our disappointing fortunes, we knew, couldn’t be attributed to Deep Breakfast. Yet, somehow that music might have become linked to how each of us struggled for footing around then. It happens.

“Celestial Soda Pop” is the track from Deep Breakfast that I recall best from those times, and am even listening to it right now, on YouTube.

They had an espresso machine, those two. So whenever I visited in the morning, we would sit with our coffees and listen to the brooding tones of Deep Breakfast.

Our situations all changed dramatically within about six months. I’ll talk about how in a follow-up post:)


Ray Lynch – Topic, YouTube

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