Lifestyle: how long can ground coffee stay fresh, after it’s opened?

Self-tutoring about coffee: the tutor inquires how quickly to use up ground coffee when it’s no longer sealed.

Typically I buy bean coffee which I grind as needed. However, ground coffee can be very convenient. How long might it maintain freshness, once opened?

First of all, ground coffee is meant to be stored in a container both air and light tight.

Stored suchly, ground coffee might stay fresh one to two weeks. Storing it in the fridge is perhaps not recommended, because temperature changes from opening and closing the fridge might alter the coffee’s taste.

Freezing the ground coffee might hopefully extend its freshness to a month.

Unless the ground coffee comes in a (re-usably) airtight, light-tight container, I don’t do any of the above; rather, I just leave it in its open bag at room temperature and quickly use it up.


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