Mobile phones: borrowing a charger

Self-tutoring about charging a mobile phone: the tutor mentions some info.

I forgot my charging cord my last trip home, so I’m here without one until Friday. My phone had 35% charge this morning, so I turned it off in case I would need it for an emergency. Later, my neighbour offered that I use her charger.

I have a Samsung Galaxy A50, while she has a Samsung Galaxy A23. She was sure her charger, which came with her phone, would be compatible with mine as well. Moreover, she’s an engineer, so I suspected she was right. However, I wanted to do one last check before using her charger. confirms it for me: they suggest that, so long as your charger is from the same company, but came with an older model phone, it should continue to be effective with your new phone. They clarify that this advice is true for authentic chargers made by the same company that made the phone, but not necessarily for generic chargers.

I followed their advice, and the phone is fully charged now.

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