Music: Elton John: “I Am Your Robot”

Self-tutoring about music: the tutor recalls the song “I Am Your Robot” by Elton John.

As a kid, I wasn’t necessarily an Elton John fan, but my sister was. She bought numerous Elton John albums. I’m not sure when her liking for his music started; perhaps I’ll ask her and report back.

I recall her acquiring Elton John’s album Jump Up!, which of course includes the hit “Empty Garden.”

The most fun song from Jump Up! is probably “I Am Your Robot.” I heard it many, many times; thinking back, it was probably the catchiest song on the album. Yesterday I played it on YouTube.

The track begins with sci-fi sound, then a guitar lick apropos at time of release. Elton John starts singing about how he’s been in a “strange craft.” The chorus – “I am your robot …I am-a-your robot” – arrives pretty soon.

“I Am Your Robot” is a great example how an artist can incorporate peculiarities of a period into their music, even when the artist didn’t start – or finish – then.

As I recall, my sister wasn’t one to put the record to a specific song; rather, she’d play an album a side at a time. Therefore, I probably heard all the songs from Jump Up! equally. For me, “I Am Your Robot” is probably its most memorable, but I might follow up about some of its others.


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