Programming: line numbers in Notepad

Tutoring programming, you might still use Notepad (I do). The tutor shares an observation.

Some text editors have the option to display line numbers, so you can see the exact line you’re on. Since compilers often mention problems in code by their line numbers, having them displayed is helpful.

I don’t know how to display line numbers in a column on Notepad, but it does have its own way of showing where you are:

  1. Across the top, click View. A dropdown will appear.
  2. If Status Bar is unchecked, check it.
  3. The Status Bar appears along the bottom. At bottom right, you’ll see something like Ln 44, Col 2, which would indicate your cursor is on Line 44, Column 2.
  4. You may need to uncheck Word Wrap, under Format, before Status Bar is available.



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