Psychology: Can a narcissist ever change?

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Today, in the search bar, I began with the word “can.” Just from that, the first recommended search was “can a narcissist ever change?” As I pondered that result, three notions took me:

  1. Surprise
  2. Humour
  3. Reassurance

Of all the answers people could be seeking, the fact that “can a narcissist ever change?” is so prominent surprises me because it’s not an answer you can count on in your case. Even if a narcissist could change, the one you know may not.

The humour comes from the idea that, apparently, so many people feel they are coping with narcissists. I don’t know many people, but over the years have known quite a few; of those, I’d say very few were narcissists. Have people been hiding their narcissism from me? If so, that’s disappointing.

I’m reassured that people still ask “old” questions. The challenge of coping with narcissism is age-old, and in a way I’m glad it’s not going away. During my life, I’ve seen much change, including much for the better. However, I’m not anxious to see more, at this point.

BTW: I’d say that a narcissist can change, but few ever do. Moreover, if they do, it’s likely gradual, so of little help to someone who needs change now. Such is my experience, anyway.

Best of luck going forward:)

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