Trees: oak vs pine, part 0

Self-tutoring about which trees grow where, and why: the tutor begins….

In the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia, where I lived from 1980-83, pines and oaks were both common. Maples were even more so, but I’ll talk about them in another post.

In the American south as well, you get places where pine predominates, where oak predominates, or where they share the landscape. What favours oak, or pine?

Pine, generally, prefers well-drained, sandy soil. Therefore, if the soil retains moisture, oak will prefer it over pine. (In such a case, other trees might take priority over either oak or pine, but right now we’re imagining oak vs pine.)

Pine and oak will both struggle in full shade, but pine likes the sun even more. Oak is happy to have full sun part of the day, but shade the rest.

Therefore, in well-drained soil, it might be the amount of sun that determines pine or oak, with pine taking over in full sun.


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