Retrospect: a road to nowhere

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I’ve mentioned in other posts (see here, for instance) that, in a sleepy town that isn’t growing, land ownership isn’t important like in a crowded or growing place. That is, in a sleepy place, you often find vacant lots where no-one cares who comes or goes.

As a kid I knew many such places which I believed haven’t changed much. Yet, I wonder about one place – a paved road “to nowhere.”

In fact, there were two houses on that road, right off its entrance from a more-traveled one. (The more-traveled one likely saw about 150 cars in a 24-hour period, and that included repeats.) The road I’m talking about continued past those houses, into a clearing, and terminated.

Kids played often in the field beside that dead-end road, sometimes I among them. Yet, I didn’t go there alone, but always with kids who lived near it. If anyone knew who owned it, I never heard. We played there for hours some days, with no expectation of interruption. None ever happened, except a rare time from other kids.

The fields around that road had a neatness to them that I can’t describe, but it made them very appealing. I can’t even recall crossing the road, for some reason; we always played on one side of it. Yet, the field continued across it, and was actually more expansive on the other side, eventually running to cottonwoods that bordered yards of houses whose occupants I’d no idea about.

Some years before, the road had been paved, but not like a common road; its surface was already showing wear, from disuse as opposed to use. I wonder if it’s still there, or has been reclaimed by the field that surrounded it. The area could even have been developed, but I find that notion unlikely.

So, do the kids around there now play in that field with no awareness of that road at all – is it just one big field to them?

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