Windows 10: moving the taskbar to the right

Self-tutoring about home computer use, Windows 10: the tutor mentions something he had to do.

Lately I’ve been using software that lists files downward (no big surprise). However, it won’t scroll them up from the bottom. What I mean is, it leaves the last file at the bottom of the screen: you can’t scroll the list up so the bottom file is in the middle of the screen. Therefore, the “last” couple of files lay out of sight, behind the taskbar.

I’ve used this computer for years but never encountered that problem. What to do? I decided the only solution was to shift the taskbar to the right. I knew it could be done…how?

I discovered the following instructions:

  1. Right-click some neutral part of the taskbar.
  2. Click Taskbar settings
  3. Next screen, see that Lock the taskbar is off. Further down there is a choice box where you can change where it should be.

I chose Right for Taskbar location, and I really like it there. I don’t customize things much, but I’m happy I did in this case. Besides…I can see the last couple of files now:)


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