Retrospect: back to school

Self-tutoring about back-to-school memories: the tutor reflects.

There was a kid I knew in grades 4, 5 and 6. He was very popular, but I didn’t know him outside of school. Let’s call him Roy, but that wasn’t his name.

I was a transient in that little town, a military kid, whereas Roy was from a prominent family. I didn’t understand that then, only in retrospect. I would hear him mention names of people I had no idea about; obviously, they were older.

Although they didn’t say “swagger” back then, Roy had it. He didn’t care about school – likely he was busy thinking about that night or the weekend or whatever. Remember, this was in grade 5.

I recall noticing Roy had some pretty cool school supplies – new kinds I hadn’t seen. I mentioned this to a friend, asking if he knew where Roy’d gotten them. He waved me off: “He can afford it,” was all he said.

At that tender age I didn’t understand rich and poor. Furthermore, I’d not lived there long enough to know who the prominent families were – or what that even meant. Roy’s family might well have owned half the town.

Roy’s attendance was pretty good during September. Past Halloween, grade 5, he would miss most of a week off and on. He was lively when he was around, always sharing news or playing little gags on people. At school, he had an appetite for light mischief. People liked Roy.

Roy’s attendance spread thinner with time. As the weather turned back to warm spring, he talked about motorbikes and parties when at school. By chance, Roy was in my grade 6 class as well; he came half the time.

Then, I didn’t comprehend, but in retrospect, I realize that Roy, by grade 6, was living a “grown-up’s” life style. Partying, bodybuilding, and motorbiking were among what he would talk about. By the end of grade 6, I was still a kid, while he was a young man.

I don’t recall Roy in grade 7. Perhaps he wasn’t in my class. Possibly, Roy left school around then. Could he, even then, have been set up working in one of the family companies? In a small town like that, I don’t doubt it. They may have owned a construction company, an excavating company, and numerous other businesses besides. Perhaps in grade 5 he already knew what awaited him after school.

I wonder if Roy remembers those cool school supplies he brought that year, or if it’s been many years since he’s thought of school at all.

Best of luck this school year, everyone…try not to grow up too fast:)

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