Retrospect: Jones, Smith, and God, part II

Self-tutoring about people and events from the past: the tutor continues about Jones, Smith, and God.

(continuing from yesterday’s post):

Perhaps what ignited the ongoing debate about God between Jones and Smith was a call-in show that had appeared. A preacher would take live calls from people who were in trouble and would ask help from Jesus. The show was so popular it was prime-time. I’m not sure what it was called; I may look into it.

Supposedly my family had cable, but I don’t think we got that show. I never saw it, anyway. However, Jones and Smith both watched it religiously, and it greatly impacted their discussions about God. Following is a typical “transcript” of the conversation. I’ve assumed, for its sake, that the show was called CJWRJ, meaning “Calling Jesus With Reverend John.”

SMITH: Jones, did you see CJWRJ on Wednesday?

JONES: Yeah…it was great.

SMITH: I can’t believe when the guy said, “Save me, Jesus, because I took too many bennies,” and then he seemed to recover when he should’ve ODed.

JONES: I believe it: it’s all real. Because God is real.

SMITH: So can God save you from dying in real life?

JONES: Yes, definitely, because God can do anything. God always helps people who believe.

SMITH: But it would be so easy for the calls to be faked.

JONES: But they’re not — they’re real.

Smith and Jones revisited the situation constantly, discussing the recent episode of CJWRJ. Smith wanted to believe, but he couldn’t. In that way, he was hopelessly honest.

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