School 102: returning

Self-tutoring about returning to school: the tutor reflects….

I recall school ending rather suddenly when I was a kid. One June I left it on the last day of classes, then wondered where to go. I lived on a military base; anywhere was safe. I saw crowds of kids heading away from the school, apparently to destinations. That moment, I lacked one. That was grade 3.

I didn’t drift for long; within a few days I was riding my bike places I hadn’t time to visit during school season. The carelessness of summer took hold – it just took a while.

A time came this August, as it does annually, when I recalled the same day a month earlier, in July. “Then, summer was young,” I reflected. A month later, many summer possibilities were negated by time’s passage. Oddly, I felt I was playing catch-up, noticing summer’s maturity.

In my experience, regardless of how much open time one has, one inevitably ends up short of it. Perhaps that’s the message the return to school brings – that summer, seemingly immortal in early July, is soon to pass.

I hope to continue this reflection tomorrow:)

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