Social studies: Armageddon

Self-tutoring about the current situation: the tutor reflects.

Before 8am this morning my wife and I set out for groceries. We’d heard of line-ups and shortages, so decided to go first thing, since restocking is supposedly done overnight.

Driving there, the roads were empty. (I liked that part.) We arrived at the supermarket, whose parking lot had many more cars than the traffic on the way might have predicted.

A critical time came – perhaps during a five minute period – when the shoppers at least doubled. The line to pay extended back from the cashiers, where I’ve never seen it reach. We were in the toilet paper aisle, where I saw one carton left. Behind me I heard a voice: “What is this…Armageddon?”

Even the patterns of the shoppers seemed unusual. The store was busy, yet some areas of it were periodically empty. The shoppers moved in clusters.

Definitely some goods were almost gone, but most were easy to get. Milk, eggs, and bread were abundant. Bananas had been out, but were restocked while we were there. Peanut butter was available in quantity, which my kids eat lots of, so was on our list.

We joined the long-looking lineup to pay, arriving at the till around 12 minutes later. All in all, it was a pretty low-key shopping trip, given the news abuzz.

Hope you’re feeling well:)

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