Weight loss: a progress report

Self-tutoring about weight loss: the tutor gives an update about his own effort.

I reached 195 pounds a few weeks back. Yet, around 2 years ago, I was 165 pounds (and looked great). Reaching 195, I’d had enough, so started making a real effort to lose. Today, I’m 185; I’m not done.

I should eat a mere fraction of what I used to, and perhaps less all the time. I’m down to two meals per day, both smaller than I used to eat, and no carbohydrates.

Breakfast and dinner are the same: two eggs with some cheese. If I get really hungry in the afternoon, I’ll have a slice or two of cheese. Additionally, I eat around 3 servings of fresh fruit or veg per day, anytime.

Eating less gets easier: hunger seems to diminish after a few days of it. I’m exercising regularly again as well, having let it go awhile. I’ve heard that exercise can suppress appetite — perhaps I’ll look into that for next post:)

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