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Fat loss: targeted?

Self-tutoring about health: the tutor wonders if selective fat loss is possible. Apparently, targeted fat loss is a naive notion. My son has been telling me so for months, and he reads about fitness constantly. Last night, in playful provocation,

Exercise and fitness: intermittent fasting

Self-tutoring about weight loss: the tutor begins about intermittent fasting. Exercise alone won’t keep me thin these days, so I’ve begun intermittent fasting. Below is a model of my daily eating pattern: eat: 6hr don’t: 18hr I’ll follow up:) Source:

Weight loss: visualization

Self-tutoring about weight: the tutor reflects. About a year ago I was 165 lbs, wearing belts and pants left aside for years. I felt – and looked – younger. There was an important difference, however, between when I was 165

Weight training with weight loss: what about carbs?

Self-tutoring about diet and health: the tutor inquires about a symptom he’s noticed. My sixteen-year-old is a body builder. A couple months back, I decided to join him. He’s excited to show me what he’s learned about it, and asks

Weight loss: what is the glycemic index of potato chips?

Self-tutoring about weight loss and health: the tutor gets specific about the GI of one of his guilty favourites. Potato chips: glycemic index (GI): approx 54 In my post from June 16, 2017 I mention that a rating of ≤55

Weight loss: does dietary fat help burn fat?

Self-tutoring about diet and weight loss: the tutor investigates the idea that eating fat helps burn fat. Although the idea that eating fat helps fat loss might seem surprising, it’s apparently valid, provided the eater subtracts carbohydrates to accommodate increased

Rest calorie burn rate

Self-tutoring about health: the tutor pursues the idea of how many calories a person might burn per minute, at rest. The rest calorie burn rate is approximately 1.2 per minute for a person of mass 70kg. Back in my post

Lifestyle: calorie-wise desserts: fruitcake?

Maintaining calorie consciousness means constant self-tutoring. The tutor shares that fruitcake may be surprisingly calorie wise. My wife brought home a fruitcake a couple of days ago. I’m the only one of our family who likes fruitcake, but since I’m

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Diet and weight loss: Is the banana to be avoided if you want to lose weight?

Dieting, I’m constantly self-tutoring. The tutor shares, to him, a surprising find about the calories in a banana. Easter can be a challenging time for someone on a diet. Putting out eggs last night, I gave in to temptation and

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