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Driving, autos: do all-season tires count as winter tires?

Self-tutoring about winter driving: the tutor looks into winter tires in BC. I’ve read that M+S (mud and snow) or else mountain/snowflake tires are the options for winter tires here in BC. Source:

Driving, Autos and Lifestyle: Winter tires in BC

Self-tutoring about driving: the tutor mentions a fact he’s learned. Winter tires are required on most BC highways Oct 1 to April 30. Failure to comply can mean a fine. What follows is my interpretation of the BC driving and

Driving: Dodge oil change indicator light

Self-tutoring about auto maintenance: the tutor looks into the Dodge oil change indicator light. We drive a Dodge Grand Caravan which Dodge maintains. Last oil change, they told us to return at 37000km. It’s around 30500km now, but two days

Driving: can you turn left across a double solid yellow line?

Self-tutoring about driving: the tutor inquires about turning left across a double solid yellow line. I’ve always thought it was illegal to cross a double solid yellow line. Therefore, if, along a double solid yellow line, I wanted to turn

Oil changes: is there a rule of thumb for how often?

More lifestyle self-tutoring: the tutor inquires about oil change frequency. I suddenly wondered: Is there a “rule of thumb” for mileage between oil changes? Of course, the manufacturer’s advice for any specific model should be followed. Moreover, newer cars often

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Driving: another strategy with Google maps

Driving in a different city means self-tutoring. The tutor tells a strategy. Let’s imagine you need turn left onto a road, but don’t know how busy it will be. You might wish to do so from a light or a

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Driving: planning a route using Google

For me, driving leads to self-tutoring. The tutor tells how he uses Google to plan a driving route. Nowadays I’m driving more, which also means looking up directions. Luckily, of course, there’s Google. To find directions, I do the following:

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Driving: rain-x and Fog Relief

The tutor brings up two products he finds indispensable. I’m not a casual driver, but I have to drive sometimes. More often, my wife does the driving. I try to make the car as easy and safe as possible to

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