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Lifestyle, nutrition: eggs and cholesterol

The tutor compares egg yolk to egg white and generally considers eggs. I’ve been told that it’s best to eat the egg white without the yolk, but I’ve never believed it. Today I looked it up. About 43% of an

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Lifestyle: no cream in my coffee: possible weight loss implications?

The tutor asks, “How much weight loss, theoretically, might I realize from giving up cream in my coffee?” It seems I’ve been served with a high cholesterol warning: likely, I should bring it down. With saturated fat being implicated as

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Lifestyle: some cholesterol-fighting foods and why they work

The tutor continues his coverage of cholesterol. Wondering about cholesterol-fighting foods, I searched them up, and found four (so far): Oats contain a soluble fibre to which cholesterol can get “stuck”, so doesn’t stay in the body. Nuts contain unsaturated

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Lifestyle, Diet: margarine showdown: Becel vs I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter

The tutor compares two brands of margarine in terms of fat content. I’ve recently been suggested to (possibly) have high cholesterol. I haven’t checked it yet, but have begun to research the possible impact of certain foods. (Read my post

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Lifestyle: How to lower cholesterol: some preliminaries

The tutor starts on the topic of lowering one’s cholesterol. In my life, the topic of cholesterol has risen. Immediately, questions evolve: Which foods can raise cholesterol? Which foods can lower it? Most people have a notion that consuming fatty

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