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Web design: border-color

Self-tutoring about web design: the tutor mentions some formats for stating border-color. Hello! border-color:red green; Hello! border-color:red green blue Hello! border-color:red green blue yellow Source:

Web design: css nowrap

Self-tutoring about web design: the tutor mentions the nowrap option for white-space. What if you want a long string with no line breaks, for some reason? Well, it can be done, with nowrap: Here is a sentence likely too long

Holiday message 0: The Merry Christmas marquee

Self-tutoring about web design: the tutor reminisces about the <marquee> tag. :):):):):)Greetings and Merry Christmas from Oracle Tutoring!:):):):):) I can’t recall using the <marquee> tag. Today I did: it still works, but the warning is that it’s deprecated, so may

Web design: the <blink> effect

Tutoring web design, you might be asked about legacy issues. The tutor brings up the blink effect. Today I tried using the <blink> tag in both Chrome and Edge; for me, it worked in neither. I don’t believe I ever

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CSS: quotes

Tutoring web design, there are always new features to discover. The tutor mentions the CSS quotes property. Let’s imagine you aren’t satisfied, for whatever reason, with regular quotation marks. For example, instead of “I love pink jeans!” you want to

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Lifestyle, CSS: colours: what is the colour ochre?

Colour discovery means constant self-tutoring. The tutor shares a find about ochre. I’ve always thought ochre meant red; apparently, I thought wrong. It turns out that ochre is an orange color, leaning brown and yellow rather than red: ochre background

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Web design: HTML colors: another off-white

Tutoring web design, the tutor has become interested in off-whites. Now: from ivory to a related one. In my post from a couple of days ago I mention the color ivory – that it’s made of 100% (of possible) red

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CSS colours: ivory

Tutoring web design, colour is a constant consideration. The tutor shares some thoughts about the CSS colour ivory. Lately I’ve become fascinated by off-white colours, ivory being one (in my opinion). Where white is 100% of each of red, green,

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Web design: Div border on mobile phone: a possible solution?

Tutoring web design, mobile phones have their own demands. The tutor attempts to please them. In yesterday’s post I discovered a border that showed up on my desktop but not on mobile. Border?   Apparently the border-width needs to be

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CSS border: shows on desktop, but not mobile?

Tutoring web design, there are so many interesting details to learn. The tutor mentions a discovery. The div below has a red border. I can see it on my desktop, but not on my mobile phone. Can you see the

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