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Home computer use: removing all hyperlinks with Microsoft Word 2016

Home computer use means, for me, constant self-tutoring. The tutor mentions a trick to remove all hyperlinks from a Word document at once. I do this with Word 2016. Does it work with other versions? I don’t know. To remove

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Microsoft Word 2016: putting .pdfs and .docx files into a single file

Home computer use can mean self-tutoring. The tutor mentions how to assemble .docx files and .pdf files into a single one. I was posed the problem of assembling .pdf files with .docx ones into a single file. It can be

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Home computer use, Microsoft Word: Thur or Thurs for Thursday

Tutoring business English, you might know of this preference of Word. The tutor shares a discovery about the abbreviation for Thursday. A few days back, I was typing on Word 2016. Thur was marked as a misspell, but of course

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Microsoft Word: date format: English (Canada) compared to English (US)

Tutoring Business English, date format is of interest. The tutor shows a date format available in English (United States), but perhaps not in English (Canada), in Microsoft Word 2007. In my April 14 post I mention that I prefer the

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Microsoft Word 2007: changing date format

Tutoring Business English, word processing formats inevitably arise. The tutor suggests how to change the date format in Microsoft Word 2007. I prefer the date format April 14, 2017. There’s no chance of misunderstanding it, since the month is a

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